Wordless Wednesday 9/19/18

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Wordless Wednesday 9/12/18

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Wordless Wednesday 9/5/18

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Wordless Wednesday 8/29/18

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5 Year Lungiversary!!!!!

Today is my 5 year Lungiversary!!!!!

Five years is a very big deal when you receive a double lung transplant. For the rest of my life, there is always a chance my body could reject my new lungs but after reaching five years, the chance for rejection levels off.

I can’t thank everyone enough who helped me achieve this milestone both before “the call” when I was terribly sick for many many years to post surgery who helped me recover to achieve a healthy new life. I am incredibly blessed to have a marvelous health care team from my doctor’s, nurses, surgeons, and all that work in the medical buildings I visit. After all, it takes a village to care for me😘

Then I have the most amazing family and friends who have been by my side throughout my journey. At times, it was very difficult but they were always there. Whether I knew you before or I have met you after my transplant thank you for listening, supporting, and cheering me on! It’s all of you that have helped with my success and achievement.

When I was five years old, my parents and brother were told I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and would most likely survive only until the age of eight. That used to be the life expectancy for anyone with CF. I know I would not be alive today without their constant love and instilling the fight for life that I needed to conquer this disease.

I am so lucky they did everything in their power to help me have the best possible chance of survival. They came with to my doctor’s appointments, decorated my hospital rooms, and comforted me when I was down with my health. They made sure I would try anything I wanted and always encouraged me to be the best I could be.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have met Travis over 17 years ago! Many don’t realize everything he has been though as well. The emergency room visits, endless hospital stays, missed opportunities, watching me slowly deteriorate, taking care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself, and the worrying and waiting to hear if my transplant was a success. He is my everything and words can’t express the love I have for him❤️ We are so fortunate to continue our lives together.


Lastly, thank you to my donor, Jacob. His selfless gift is the greatest gift of all ~ The Gift of Life ~ Jacob has given me the chance to live life to the fullest and be with Travis, my family and our friends for five more years. In one of the letters to my donors mother I wrote “I want to let you know, Jacob’s legacy is living strong”. I am honored to be the girl that is making his legacy known.

*All pictures from 5 years ago

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Wordless Wednesday 8/15/18

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Wordless Wednesday 8/22/18

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